The Myanmar government is working in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank to design an e-governance master plan for the Southeast Asian country, FutureGov reported.
According to the report, ADB would invite proposals from consulting firms for USD 1.5 million project.
The government in Myanmar has picked up more momentum in reforming the country as it came across first half of its term.
Most of it ministries have got the official web sites and the President Office’s official web site has become the area providing presidential information and government press releases in real time.
“The Myanmar Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is leading the e-government project and the budget is being made availabel to assist that process. We hope to develop it further in the future,” the newly appointed presidential advisor Dr Aung Tun Thet told FutureGov.

The president in his half-term speech urged the top government officials to change their mindset to cope with the new system as the country rises from the decades-long dictatorship.
The project is expected to begin in September.
President Thein Sein since taking office has claimed that he would shape the good governance and clean government.
source: myanmar update