Myanmar government is reviewing the trading regulations including export/import law for necessary amendment, Eleven Media Group reported.
The Ministry of Commerce said the import/export law, import/export bylaws, consumer protection law, competition law and other necessary regulations would be revised or drafted.
These legislations would be revised and drafted in cooperation with the technical support of International Trader Centre to boost trade and competitiveness in emerging Myanmar market, says the report.
Commerce officials, experts from ITC and international consultants will take part in the efforts to review the legal structure.

Myanmar largely relies on exports and major exports come from extractive industries such as natural resources, natural gas, timber and marine products.
The government has adopted the policy to encourage more products from wider industries through trade financing, marketing aid and trade promotion schemes, according to the report.
Myanmar targeted total trade income of USD 15 billion in 2013-2014 fiscal year which starts in April, 2013 and March, 2014.