Myanmar plans to export more marine products to the EU

Myanmar is planning to export more fishery and marine products to the EU after 14 local factories seek export permits, according to officials from the Fishery Department.
"Our Fishery Department supports those factories if they are up to EU standards and quality. Currently, the four cold factories are trying to get marine products export permit to EU countries," said Tint Wai, Assistant Director for the Fishery Department told to Daily Eleven.
The factories need the certificates of Good Agricultural Practices and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points to export their products to EU countries. Only five factories out of 14 are now exporting marine products to EU countries.
Myanmar is now facing market difficulties in exporting fishery products because the industry is in need of financial investment and technical assistance.
Although Myanmar earns between over US$ 600 million and 700 million for exporting of marine products in previous fiscal year, it is much less compared to neighbouring countries. 
source: eleven media