India’s Ramco to establish a cement factory in Myanmar

India-based Ramco Company is planning to establish a cement factory in Myanmar, expecting a market stake of 25% in 2014, according to an official from Green Hardwood Enterprise Limited.
“Our company has been jointly working with Agro Coro International Pte. Ltd to import cements from Ramco for six months. We are now in discussions with respective officials to establish the factory,” said Naing Hein, from Green Hardwood Enterprise Limited.
Ramco Company was established in 1938, and the largest cement company in southern India. Local constructors say the Ramco cements take a very long time to dry and have some weakness in colour. The 'Elephant' brand of cement imported from Thailand is still more popular.
But Mr. Bila from Ramco says the Ramco cements higher in quality like cements produced in the US and Britain, and because it takes a long time to dry means it’s stronger than others.
He also said the colour is not that important, but their company will try to produce the kind of cements that are favoured in Myanmar.