Bago region to have more factories

Many more factories will open in Bago Region and the unemployment rate is expected to drop sharply in the area, according to Bago Region Minister Dr. Kyaw Oo.
Factories such as Carlsberg, garment factories from Taiwan and Hong Kong, and glove factory from Japan for golfers will be opened soon, the minister said.
“After opening the factories, nearly 8000 workers will be employed. So we are hoping to reduce the unemployment,” the regional minister said.
Moreover, discussion is underway with the factory owners of Nissan car spare parts, Korea shoe and garment factories, and many other factories with the regional government. 

“Investors from South Korea and Malaysia are coordinating with the Government to invest here,” Dr. Kyaw Oo added.
Besides, Hantharwaddy International Airport in Bago is supposed to complete in December 2016. Therefore, projects for installing and constructing IT equipment are being coordinated with the respective ministries, the minister said.
At present, most of the factories being opened in Bago are garment factories. There are 21 kinds of factories and nearly 50 factories in Bago Region according to the regional government.
Bago region has a population of over 6 million. Among them, only 1.5 million live in urban areas.